NEW DESIGNS: (length x bottom width x top width)

1/2      small – HARP & BOWED SONGBIRDS – 22 x 6 x 8 – 2# 4oz

3         medium – 12 STRING PINNED NIGHTINGALE  – 24 x 7 x 9 –  2# 8oz                       (not shown 12 string ‘tuners’ version with headpiece)

4         large – 14/18 STRING PINNED NIGHTINGALES  – 26 x 7 1/2 x 9 1/2 – 3#               [not shown, 14, 16 and 18 (special order) string ‘tuners’ versions with headpiece]

All instruments are 2  7/8 thick deep (1/8 soundboards & 1/4 backs).

Not shown are the ‘tuners’ Nightingale versions which are the same body sizes as 3 & 4, but with extended ‘tuners’ headpieces and are structurally different in order to support the ‘tuners’ headpieces.

Below is a photograph of the back of a ‘tuners’ Nightingale showing some of that detail. Note how the headpiece is supported by the two longitudinal structural supports extending the entire length of the instrument ( 1/2 x 3 poplar with another 1/2 glued at the ends, as shown, to provide for better attachment of the headpiece). One constitutes the handle side of the instrument, and the other extends parallel through the body of the instrument, but has been cut down under the soundboard so as to allow for the free vibration of the soundboard and not compromise the effective amplifying volume of the instrument body. The brass connector shown in this photo is for supporting the instrument on a wall hanger.



Shown below are the interiors of the two Nightingale body types, to the left the ‘pinned‘style and to the right the ‘tuners‘ style.



Left, 1 in hardwood top, 1 in poplar base and 1/2 in poplar sides, and right, middle support cut away so as not to interfere with soundboard vibration, re-inforced extensions angled downward to support tuners headpiece, base and spacers at top 1 and 1/2  in poplar, left side 1/4 poplar.

Summary of the 7 members of the Nightingale flock

medium body size (10 chord – nylon or steel strings)

(1) (a) 12 string ‘pinned‘ single chord bar – $300, (b) optional quick release chord mechanism add $125;

(2) 12 string ‘tuners‘ with single chord bar and quick release chord mechanism – $550;

large body size (all with standard 12/15 bar chord mechanisms)

(3) 14 string ‘pinned‘ (steel strings) – $475,

(4) 14 string ‘tuners‘ – $600 (either nylon or steel strings);

(5) 16 string ‘tuners‘ (nylon or steel strings) – $650;

(6) 18 string ‘pinned‘ ascending (steel strings only) – $525.

(7) 18 string ‘tuners‘ ascending (steel strings – special order) – $725

‘Pinned’ versions, 14 string, 12 string single chord bar, missing 12 string with add on quick release chord mechanism and 18 string ascending


Tuners‘ versions, from left to right, 18 string doublets or ascending (by special order only), 16 string, 14 string, 12 string