Harp Songbirds



Sizing – 22 x 6 x 8 inches (length x bottom width x top width), 2 7/8 inches deep, weight 3 lbs. Single Chord Bar and tuning wrench included (stored on instrument). Tuning/Chord Guides for the Keys of Bb/F, C/G, & D/A (actually playable in all Keys, diatonic or pentatonic tuning, one Key at a time). Moveable bridge for instant A-440 re-tuning. Wall mountable – add your own feathers. Easy electronic tuning.

This small lap held instrument is perfect for all ages, 8 and older (younger if just improvisationally plucked like a harp). Available with either soft-touch nylon strings orsteel strings. Note and chord names below each string on interchangeable guides make for easy melody play and chording (comes with Childrens’ songbook). Unique Single Bar Chording system makes it possible to easily play all major, minor and 7th chords in each Key. Also a perfect improvisational instrument. Easy to play both chords and melodies simultaneously.

In addition to being played on the lap as pictured below, it can be plucked while held upright with the instrument against the ear or with a strap in a guitar like playing mode. A strap is included. The strings are easily replaceable nylon or steel guitar strings.

price – $275



Simply point the mark on the Single Chord Bar at the chord name you want to play on the Chord Guide under the strings, push down gently on the Chord Bar to mute the out-of-chord notes, strum across the strings, and presto you are playing any major, minor or 7th chord in the Key of your choice.