Electronic Tuning

Up to now you have been introduced to fixed tuned, metal bar instruments, which are always in tune with the international A-440 tuning standard, so that you can play along with any live or recorded music if you wish. Most of the instruments on the succeeding pages are stringed. Unless they are properly tuned, you are not going to produce naturally harmonizing, beautiful music. In the last 20 years there has been a revolution in simple to use, inexpensive, automatic string instrument tuning devices, called chromatic electronic tuners.


Pictured below are two that we recommend and offer for sale, though there are many other suitable models. The beauty of all of them is that you could be deaf and still easily and accurately tune any stringed instrument with any one of them – it is an entirely visual process that any 8 year old can easily master. Just pluck a string, then adjust the string tension with either the tuning wrench provided or with the Tuning Machines on some of the Nightingales until the read out on the tuner matches the pitch on the instrument’s Tuning Guide.

KORG and SNARK (clip-on) Chromatic Tuners


price – both $25